About Suzino​

Welcome to Suzino – where technology meets passion.

At Suzino, we aren’t just another electronics store. We are a team deeply embedded in the pulse of innovation, with a love for technology that goes beyond the ordinary. It's not just about selling gadgets – it’s about sharing our enthusiasm for the evolution of tech and how it enriches our lives.

Founded by tech aficionados with a special penchant for gaming and computing, we are driven by the sheer joy of witnessing and being a part of the ever-evolving technological landscape. Our founders' journeys began in their childhood bedrooms, tinkering with computer parts and immersing themselves in games that transported them to different worlds. This genuine passion is what underpins everything we do.

When you shop with us, you’re not just getting a product. You’re tapping into a community that understands the thrill and excitement can only technology that give.

Join us in our mission to not only provide the latest and greatest in consumer electronics but to also cultivate a space where tech enthusiasts from all walks of life can come together, share, and celebrate their love for technology.

About Suzino
About Suzino

About Suzino: Suzino Supports the Next Generation of Creative Minds

At Suzino, our passion for technology spans from innovative products like bathroom scales to transformative experiences, and we're especially committed to this vision in the UK. We believe that the future rests in the hands of young, budding innovators across the United Kingdom, and every child deserves the chance to shape that future, regardless of their background.

That’s why, in the UK, we're dedicating a portion of our profits, including those from our advanced bathroom scales, towards empowering children in impoverished communities globally. Through partnerships with tech-focused educational initiatives in the UK and beyond, we aim to close the digital gap in third-world countries.

We envision a world, starting with the UK, where every child has access to the marvels of technology, coding, and digital creativity. Our programs offer more than just tools; they provide hope, skills, and the potential to revolutionize their communities, their futures, and perhaps the world.

By choosing Suzino, with products like our state-of-the-art bathroom scale, you're not just embracing the latest tech. You're supporting a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone, starting with the young minds of the United Kingdom.

Suzino's Sole Focus: The Smart Scale

Suzino isn't just another electronics brand; it's a visionary company with a singular focus: the Smart Scale. This dedication allows us to channel all our energy and innovation into creating a scale that does more than just measure weight – it becomes an integral part of your health and fitness journey.

99.73% Accuracy and 19 Comprehensive Metrics

Our Smart Scale stands out with an astounding 99.73% accuracy rate, setting a new standard in the industry. This precision is crucial for those who rely on accurate health data to track and manage their wellness journey.

Furthermore, the scale boasts an impressive array of 19 different health metrics. This extensive range includes body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, water content, and more. Such comprehensive data provides a holistic view of your health, allowing for detailed monitoring and precise adjustments to your fitness and nutrition plans.

Empowerment Through Precision

Our commitment at Suzino goes beyond selling a product. We strive to empower our customers on their health and fitness journeys. The Smart Scale, with its high precision and multitude of health metrics, is designed to be an empowering tool, aiding you in understanding and optimizing your health.

Commitment to Quality and Precision

Quality is not just a buzzword for us; it's the cornerstone of our design and production process. Our Smart Scale is the culmination of meticulous research and development, ensuring precision, reliability, and durability. We understand that accurate data is crucial in health and fitness, and our scale is calibrated to provide you with just that.